I’m a Part of the Problem. My Problem is I’m peaceful, and I Believe in the People.


You know this war on terror….is starting to get ridiculous. I understand that we can’t sit around and not do something, but now its just “lets see who has the bigger bomb!”. We need to do domething but now we have no goals with it….we want to stop these people from terrorizing us. I understand that, but we have no specific goals, like who were exactly after and how we’re going to stop this. We haven’t even tried peaceful resistance!

This unpeacefulness is rubbing off on the children there too. They’re seeing all this violence happening right in front of their faces. Its what they’re growing up with and its going to negatively affect generations to come far worse than its affecting us people now. They’re going to build off of what they’re seeing and one day we’re going to be really sorry for this…

And its not positively affecting us either. Not only is there controversey over violent games because of them being violent, but some of these games are based off of real wars that have happened. Its like putting your child in the middle of the holocaust ¬†or the middle of the current war. Would you ever really willingly put your child in the middle of the real-life war? Or is this completely different? I don’t understand the logic in these games…


“Fear is such a weak emotion, thats why I despise it. We’re scared of almost anything, afraid to even tell the truth. So scared of what you think of me. I’m scared of even tellin you. Somtimes I feel I’m the only one who’s safe to tell it to. I’m locked inside this jail in me, ’cause I know that theres a cell in you. So consider this, you’re bailin out. Take in a breath, inhale a few….”

Aren’t we kindof wasting money too? We’re spending so much on a war without an end goal. We’re wasting money to go nowhere. Its ruining our already bad economy…We need to end this. This isn’t fair to all of the people of this country. We’re suffering for almost nothing? Why? Won’t someone just save me from this place…I wanna go to Australia….Sydneys lovely.




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