Midnight Magic

Have you ever had that feeling that you just wanted to stay up all night? Something about the night just compelled you. You know? You just wanted to sit on the roof all night and stare into the sky…and dream ❤

I don’t sleep most nights because I’m too busy dreaming about everything

If you live in Chicago or the Midwestern region, you may have heard about a rare chance to see the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, from your own backyard! Around 3:45-ish  A.M. this morning, You could step outside and see the lights from all the way over here, truly a once in a lifetime chance! It was so beautiful! (This picture isn’t from Chicago, but it’s pretty rare also because it was taken just as a shooting star was passing through it).

I love light graffiti! Its so beautiful, and so unreal. It IS almost magic…

Man, if only these were real plants! I’d have like a trillion of these in my yard, lol.

These are real water lilies! All you need to take a cool picture like this is to bring them into a pitch black room, flash a flashlight right under them, and take the pictures (zoomed and no flash).

Big thing on my bucket list: to let go of one of the big floating sky lanterns. They look so beautiful and light up the sky in a gorgeous, unique way!

London’s Lights by Leonid Afremov (True masterpiece)

Sparkles of snow. The light reflects off the snow and creates a sparkly effect.


…and it was all yellow…



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