I’m a Part of the Problem. My Problem is I’m peaceful, and I Believe in the People.


You know this war on terror….is starting to get ridiculous. I understand that we can’t sit around and not do something, but now its just “lets see who has the bigger bomb!”. We need to do domething but now we have no goals with it….we want to stop these people from terrorizing us. I understand that, but we have no specific goals, like who were exactly after and how we’re going to stop this. We haven’t even tried peaceful resistance!

This unpeacefulness is rubbing off on the children there too. They’re seeing all this violence happening right in front of their faces. Its what they’re growing up with and its going to negatively affect generations to come far worse than its affecting us people now. They’re going to build off of what they’re seeing and one day we’re going to be really sorry for this…

And its not positively affecting us either. Not only is there controversey over violent games because of them being violent, but some of these games are based off of real wars that have happened. Its like putting your child in the middle of the holocaust  or the middle of the current war. Would you ever really willingly put your child in the middle of the real-life war? Or is this completely different? I don’t understand the logic in these games…


“Fear is such a weak emotion, thats why I despise it. We’re scared of almost anything, afraid to even tell the truth. So scared of what you think of me. I’m scared of even tellin you. Somtimes I feel I’m the only one who’s safe to tell it to. I’m locked inside this jail in me, ’cause I know that theres a cell in you. So consider this, you’re bailin out. Take in a breath, inhale a few….”

Aren’t we kindof wasting money too? We’re spending so much on a war without an end goal. We’re wasting money to go nowhere. Its ruining our already bad economy…We need to end this. This isn’t fair to all of the people of this country. We’re suffering for almost nothing? Why? Won’t someone just save me from this place…I wanna go to Australia….Sydneys lovely.




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Things Were Said. Things Were Done. And Now…It’s Unchangeable.

Sometimes the More Serious Option is the More Needed One.

It’s true, just as sometimes the hardest choice is the best. I don’t like to be too serious, as a happy blog is usually fun to read, and good for your mind and can put you in a good mood. Yet, I really want to bring this up, as its been an especially (and unexpectedly) relevant topic in my life lately.


Before I explain the photo above, I want you to look at it. Tell me, don’t you ever feel like this? Like you’re drowning? Not necessarily literally, just as if you’re drowning in your life and all that’s going on in it. With all of the people and all the situations. I do. Always.

For the story: Lately at my school, there have been a lot of cases of kids wanting to commit suicide. Not just cutting or self-harm or severe depression, suicide.

The first case is a person I don’t know. I do know what happened though. This person is a really nice person from what I’ve heard. Yet to everyone’s surprise, they were very suicidal. I guess it got so bad that they knew she needed help as fast as they could possibly get it. Thus, they brought it to the school deans. The deans are always saying how if you or a friend or anyone is harming themselves and such, you should bring it to the deans. Anyways, they did and the deans said they would help. Months passed and she never got any help. They became severly and hopelessly, depressed and suicidal.


They waited forever though. Help never came. Their life was taken unseriously.

I’ll get back to that later, but for now here’s the second case. This boy I knew. He’s a really nice guy. One day he randomly posted on facebook saying that he was ready to kill himself. So many people tried to say how they loved him dearly, and they weren’t kidding, but he was set on death. He was pulled from class the next day due to the issue and taken home. Still the deans did nothing to help. The boy had to first prompt the deans to let him go home. I understand that they can’t see his facebook, but people did bring it up to the deans and they didn’t do anything themselves.

Now here’s where things got interesting. Students themselves were so concerned about the situation and so disgusted with our deans. One day I walked into the bathroom and on the wall was a flyer. It read “…lately many cases of suicidal cases have happened in our school. As students here, we would like to voice our opinion and say that this is too much. One case is too much. Two cases in a month is outrageous….And nothing was done! We’re asking that you please do something. Have an assembly or anything. Just something. If you can have assemblies just to raise awareness on global warming, we believe you can have an assembly regarding saving students lives…We appreciate this. Signed, (Names withheld)”.

Later that week, they took students out of gym during the last 15 minutes of their gym period and talked to them as a class about suicide prevention.Yet still, they didn’t seem to care. They only said to tell the deans or an adult if anything happens or you see any marks on a person. And that was all.


Nothing happened to either people. Both are living and ok, but if we were unlucky, both could’ve been dead. Its ridiculous how selfish these deans were being. They didn’t care. It would’ve take too much time for them to handle it, in their minds, but it wouldn’t have been that long in all reality. And once those people’s lives are gone, its gone forever. Thinking bout it, it wouldn’t have taken barely any time at all. But our deans have no concept of selflessness or compassion.

I want everyone to know that I care. I’m here. If you ask me to do something, whether its save your life or just talk, I promise I’ll be there for you. You’re golden. You’re loved. You’re important. You’re something that this world just can’t live without. I promise. I know how it feels to be alone. I’m the girl who has barely any friends, who’s shy and different from everyone else. I came from a different school than everyone else, and they all had their set friends the first second I walked into my schools doors. I am suffering in depression, and it seems almost endless. I was suicidal. I am the child with scars. And I know how it feels. Every bit of it.


For those of you who haven’t experienced depression, its endless. Its lifelong.

Depression:Depression is a medical illness that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Depression can cause physical symptoms, too. (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/depression/DS00175)

The feeling, though, is worse than described above. Its a sad feeling thats constantly there. Its not just loss of interest. Its gone. You have no enjoyment. Maybe on rare occasions, but it feels like almost never. Its endless and you feel like you’re dragging yourself around, and your heart is dead. Its near impossible to be excited about things and you feel so distant from everything…you feel antisocial and it makes it 100x harder to have friends. Its endless. I don;t know how to lose it though. Its endless.

But I promise (even for me), it WILL get better. Life can be happy. You have to put yourself in the mindset though. You are special. You’re wonderful. I love you, even if I don’t know you. You’re priceless and special to me, and deserve to be loved. It will get better. It will. I promise. Pinky Promise.








Life’s too short to even care at all, 

losin’ my mind, losin’ my mind, losin’ control…

I’m waitin’ for this cough syrup to come down.” (Cough Syrup, Young the Giant)

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True Story Bro

I apologize so so much for not being consistant! (I’m a big procrastinator, as you can see). I have had band 6 days a week and the other day(s) I’ve spent with family. But fear not! I shall make time at leats 3-4 times a week to post! But anywho…

This post is gonna have a lot of things I can relate to, and hopefully you may find pretty relatable (and a bit funny!) also. So here we go!

I don’t mind late night calls……they just have to be of importance…

I beg. I remember you said,

“Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead”.


You always do.

I still want one, lol. xD

Every. Time. I can never find the right amount! They should really put like a measurement for the average amount that you should make. I know there’s serving size, but it seems more for counting calories than actual servings.

I would have never known-thank you so much flight attendants!


Hehe, high school problemos :p


Keep your chin up love. When the dark returns, the light becomes even closer.


But you must learn to have courage on a feared level.


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I’ve Seen the Pathways Your Eyes Wander Through, I Wanna Come Too



I’d rather keep the memories of the ones who made the moments spectacular…


The Floodplain Forest. True beauty, come alive



I never knew

Just what it was

About this old coffee shop

I loved so much.


Made this pic! Not to show off…I’m just proud cause it actually looks good! 🙂



Found this pic online, but edited it a bit to make it look cool. (The Kulandi Hanging Lights)



Make the most of it. Just as they say, YOLO! (Haha, hate that phrase honesly)



I can honestly say that this, to me, is art. Then again, art is in the eye of the beholder, right?



Love the effects of this picture. Its very sparkly, yet subtle. And it manipulates the use of colors perfectly, and blends them into one masterpiece.


If you couldnt guess, I like bright things (hence the name mircalebright, lol)


Star Trails!!!!


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Midnight Magic

Have you ever had that feeling that you just wanted to stay up all night? Something about the night just compelled you. You know? You just wanted to sit on the roof all night and stare into the sky…and dream ❤

I don’t sleep most nights because I’m too busy dreaming about everything

If you live in Chicago or the Midwestern region, you may have heard about a rare chance to see the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, from your own backyard! Around 3:45-ish  A.M. this morning, You could step outside and see the lights from all the way over here, truly a once in a lifetime chance! It was so beautiful! (This picture isn’t from Chicago, but it’s pretty rare also because it was taken just as a shooting star was passing through it).

I love light graffiti! Its so beautiful, and so unreal. It IS almost magic…

Man, if only these were real plants! I’d have like a trillion of these in my yard, lol.

These are real water lilies! All you need to take a cool picture like this is to bring them into a pitch black room, flash a flashlight right under them, and take the pictures (zoomed and no flash).

Big thing on my bucket list: to let go of one of the big floating sky lanterns. They look so beautiful and light up the sky in a gorgeous, unique way!

London’s Lights by Leonid Afremov (True masterpiece)

Sparkles of snow. The light reflects off the snow and creates a sparkly effect.


…and it was all yellow…


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Mermaid Man, Thank you for Fighting EEEEEVVVVIIIIIIILLLLLLL! Against All Odds


Thank you to my childhood hero, Mermaid Man! In all honesty, you were more real to me than Superman, and Batman, and any other super hero out there! You made me remember you’re never to old to do what you love!


The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances [I.J.L.S.A.] (Sandy: Miss Appear, Mermaid Man: Mermaid Man, SpongeBob: Quickster, Squidward: Captain Magma, Patrick: The Elastic Waistband)

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy Trading Card No. 54 Mermaid Man: “Buy More Cards!”

The Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Official Paddle Ball Set (With Dirty Bubble Challenge, which is to hit the paddle ball at least29,998,559,671,350 times in a row. If we count hitting the paddleball one time each as half a second, to hit the paddleball for at least 29,998,559,671,350 times in a row would make at least 249,987,997,261 minutes, or 4,166,466,621 hours, or 173,602,775 days, or 24,800,396 weeks, or 2,066,699 years to take, which makes it impossible to achieve that many paddles, as it is impossible to live that long [Source: http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Mermaid_Man_and_Barnacle_Boy_Paddle_Ball_Set%5D. Featured in the Where’s Gary? special.)

Shady Shoals Rest Home (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s Residency)

One of the rooms (The Residential Area with Mermaid Man popping out of the doorway to the bathrooms in order to defeat evil) of the Shady Shoals Rest Home.

Other Residents:

  • Lonnie
  • Sylvester
  • Mable Lobster
  • Richard
  • Victoria Ellen

The Mermalair (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s secret hideout, located below the couch of the Shady Shoals Rest Home.)

The Tickle Belt (One of Mermaid Man’s weapons. Patrick and SpongeBob used it to defeat Man Ray when the accidentally unfroze him while watching The Mermalair for Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.)

The Invisible Boat Mobile (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s car used to get around, mostly when needing to find crimes fast [SpongeBob and Parick are driving to find Man Ray])

Patrick painting the Invisible Boat Mobile to help Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy so that they could see it.

The Orb of Confusion (One of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s weapons, featured above with SpongeBob and Patrick trying to defeat Man Ray.)

The Dirty Bubble (One of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s enemies.)

Atomic Flounder (One of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s enemies.)

Man Ray (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s archenemy.)

Jumbo Shrimp (One of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s enemies.)

Moth (One of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s enemies.)

Sinister Slug (One of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s enemies.)

The Belt

Mermaid Man’s infamous belt that he wears always (worn by SpongeBob above.) [No definite proof that it can be changed to “Wumbo”.]

E.V.I.L. Organization (Every Villian Is Lemons) that Barnacle Boy temporarily joins.

In conclusion, Mermaid Man has made a big impact on the infamous show SpongeBob Squarepants and children everywhere. Even I have been impacted by him, and I’m 15 years old! You will be dearly missed! x'(

A Guard Salute to Mermaid Man (A.K.A. Ernest Borgnine)

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15 Days ’til Band Camp

Ahhh Band Camp.


From the bus ride there…


to all of the quality time with team mates……


to the lack of water breaks…


even all of the great stories that you get to tell when you leave!


With all of these great things, how can you deny that


lol just a little summary of band camp. ok moving onto more pics.


This just about sums that up!


Its not even an accurate movie whatsoever!


A ll you see on your facebook before band camp because the only friends you have (on facebook and in real life) are the ones in marching band…

Band! Y u no sit on our bus?!

And on that note…

…..not possible….

yay! /sarcasm

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Its Friday, Friday! Gotta Go Blog on Friday! (Technology)


If the title didn’t scream “Forever Alone”, this may!

I’m just joking though. I have nothing wrong blogging/bloggers (obviously, seeing as I am one). Honestly, though, I don’t understand why some people would and do. I say let people do as they please, as long as its not harming anyone else in any way. Have your opinions, but don’t offend the people who dont agree with you. k? thanks!


This happens to me everytime I look up my symptoms online! Last time, I was pretty much positive I had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma! Turns out it was just a bunch of water building up in one of my muscles…(I know it sounds weird). Maybe the webMD doesnt really have his degree…?


This helps me a lot when I’m sitting in Geometry class trying to figure out the circumference of a circle…


^True that


Technology can make anything look real, when used correctly


True that too^


The intelligence of today’s children…aka the future leaders of our country…


If you do this: PLEASE STOP! Facebook is for updating others on important or exciting events in your life, not so that you can tell the people you just saw that you’re eating soup! The occasional random post is ok, but this is just damn annoying!


Technology~How diverse! 😀


How to keep the best 90’s technology living on forever….

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Just Another Intro

Hi! Welcome to my blogg. This is just a simpler, all-around blog. I’ll post about anything, usually with a lot of pictures. Posts may occasionally possibly be a little personal to me, but I probably wont post very personally too often. I would usually tell more about myself here, so that you can get a feel of what to expect, but I think you will be able to know more about me by looking through all of my posts and pictures. Plus, I feel that allows you to get to know who I truly am better than if I were to name off  bunch of random facts, and hopefully I can help you learn more about yourself, in a good way. SO here goes nothing!

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